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Getting Married for the First Time? Here are some thoughts.

weddingFirst time brides and grooms are often starry-eyed, with plenty of romantic notions about how great marriage will be. Actually, marriage is pretty great when you choose your spouse wisely! (Hint- marry your best friend.)

Many people who marry, especially for the first time, bring many assumptions about legal matters into the relationship, some which may be erroneous. Most think that marriage means the automatic merger of legal rights, assets, and finances. In actuality, marriage changes some legal and financial rights, but not most.

Whether you are newly married, about to marry, or just planning ahead, now is a good time to meet a great attorney and establish a relationship. Some spouses prefer to use the same attorney, others want to keep that separate. Either way is fine, but I recommend that you select an attorney who is knowledgeable, personable, gives you straight and understandable answers to your questions, and who has a clear plan to keep your relationship active in the future and to make sure life changes and your legal protections happen together.  (Hint – Chechele Law)

When you meet with an attorney, here are some appropriate questions to ask – Should I have a prenuptial (or postnuptial if you are already married) agreement? What type of estate plan is appropriate for me or us now? I want to change my name, or not change my name, how will that work and what do I need to do? What are our legal responsibilities when we have children?

When you have the correct answers to these questions, you will feel more confident and empowered to move down the path to handling all your affairs in a smart and educated way. Also remember that all adults need at least a simple estate plan – so that part should be done no matter what. Most people think that spouses gain the legal right to act for each other in the event of injury, illness or incapacity. This is definitely not the case, so make sure that you and your beloved have an up-to- date power of attorney and medical power of attorney document, at the least.

Marriage creates it’s own set of legal rights and responsibilities, so make sure you know the facts from a great source. Call Chechele Law to schedule your free consultation about these topics – today.

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