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Florida Probate Services

Chechele Law - ProbateAfter a death in the family, who do you turn to for help? We can help you sort through the myriad of legal matters left after a death, even if we were not the attorney for the deceased during their lifetime. If probate is required, we will open the estate with the court and represent the personal representative, coaching them through every step of the process. Because of our expertise in other related areas of law, such as real estate and tax, we can seamlessly handle your loved one’s estate effectively, efficiently, and without having to hire multiple experts to sort through the various aspects of the legal and tax matters.

In Florida, there are several levels of probate procedures available. We will advise the personal representative of which is appropriate, and prepare all documents and paperwork necessary for court filing. We will also advise the personal representative of their duties, assist with financial, tax and accounting matters, and help them to wrap up the distribution and estate closing in the shortest amount of time possible and practical.

Probate is never a do-it-yourself project, and if your loved one has recently passed, and you are in charge, please immediately schedule a consultation with us to determine whether probate is needed, and what is the next step to settle your loved one’s affairs in a timely and efficient manner.

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