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Other services offered by our firm include:

Chechele Law - Other ServicesNotary services

Several of our staff members are licensed and bonded Florida notaries.  If you are an existing client, we will notarize for you at no charge if you appear personally (please don’t sign the document before you come in), or if a non-client, for a small fee.  Notary services for client projects that we are handling are also no-charge (such as estate planning and real estate transactions).  Don’t run all over town looking for a notary, just stop in and we can help you!

Registered Agent services

We will serve as the registered agent for your Florida entity.  The fee for service is $200 per calendar year, (prorated, if we serve for a portion of the year).  As you renew your Florida entity in 2016, consider naming us the Registered Agent, especially if you as the business owner, do not reside in Florida.

Quickbooks Setup and Training

As a support to our clients who utilize QuickBooks as their accounting software, we offer training and support about how to use QuickBooks properly and effectively for your business – to provide accurate financial statements, to do business budgeting and forecasting, and to create meaningful reporting of your data to help you manage and grow your business.  We also assist clients who need support and assistance in setting up their QuickBooks file properly the first time.  These services are offered at our location (on your laptop or mobile device), or at your place of business.  Although there is a reasonable charge for these services (based upon the amount of time involved), this investment in your business will save you fees, grief, and headaches in the future, as we support your efforts to always have up-to-date and accurate information about the current state of your business – at any time!

Marriage Ceremonies

Samantha will serve as the officiant for your wedding ceremony as a licensed Florida notary.  Please contact us if you are planning to be married, and would like for Samantha to officiate at your ceremony.

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